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Salient Features of Tempo Traveller

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Travelling in comfortable and luxurious vehicles is the most important thing to ensure that you travel in a comfortable way and do not feel tired even if the journey is very long. One such vehicle that ensures a perfect travel journey is the very great and popular option, a Tempo Traveller.

Check out some of the salient features of tempo traveller discussed below:


Tempo traveller is a 15-19 seater vehicle which makes it a great option for commutation when travelling in a group. In addition to this, this is one vehicle where you can easily get the seats customized the way you want keeping in mind the way you want to travel and what kind of seating would keep you most comfortable.

The seats are quite huge and are nothing less than the sofa style maharaja seats which have recliner features. The pushback option ensures that you stay comfortable even if you have to travel for very long time. Another feature that makes these seats special is the ample amount of leg space that is available. Also, with proper arrangements for placing your glasses and cans, you won’t have to worry about spilling the food and drinks everywhere when the coach is moving.

Digital Entertainment

It makes no sense when everyone stays occupied on their phones or tabs even when travelling together or even when they are on a group trip. As a solution to this, the tempo travellers come with led screen and DVD players where you can play the movies of your choice. A normal sized LED screen is installed in the vehicle and the entire vehicle is covered by the best in class speakers to give you a feel as if you are watching the movie in a theatre itself.

Luggage Space

It is an obvious fact that when you travel in a group, the amount of luggage would be very high. Right from the personal bags of every traveller to the common luggage like food, water, etc. you have to carry everything and store it in a proper manner. Since the luggage space is huge in the tempo traveller, you will not have to worry about where and how the luggage would be placed and if it would be safe or not.

World Class Interiors

Most of us prefer to travel in luxury cars these days that don’t just feel good and comfortable while driving, but look good and classy as well. Tempo traveller doesn’t simply look good from the outside, but its interiors too are unmatchable. Designed in such a way that it feels you are travelling in a flight, tempo traveller is one of those few vehicles that carries and offers luxury at every possible level. Right from the seats and the windows to the carpeting, lights and music system, this beast has it all that is needed to define luxury in travel vehicles.

Great Technical Features

We as travellers do not pay much attention to the technical specifications of a car that we are being driven in usually but the moment we start feeling the damaged road and jerks on our back, we start wondering if choosing this vehicle was the right choice. You won’t have to worry about any such issues whatsoever as this vehicle comes equipped with the best suspension. Designed keeping in mind the worst road situations, this vehicle won’t let you feel that you are feeling the jerks or jumping on your seats on bad and damaged roads. Another great feature included in this wonderful vehicle is the aspects like parking sensors, front and back cameras, GPS tracking, music system, powerful air conditioning system, etc. collectively, all these features would prove to be great boons to keep you safe and comfy during your ride.

So if you want to go to some place with your team, family or friends for events like weddings, picnics, sightseeing, sports events, long road trips, etc. this vehicle would be your ultimate choice. Check out different options of the tempo traveller available at rent and then make a booking as per your needs and have the best and the most memorable trip of your life.